Rebecca Ann Gonzales-Seekford

My Inspiration. My Muse.

BORN APRIL 14, 1949 TO JUNE 10, 2016


“Doesn’t matter here or there, you always be present in all that I do.” 


Always see the good in all things because change is the only constant in life. Mom was tough no doubt. She did teach us kids to never never never give up and to keep on keeping on!! Blessed for such an amazing mother. 

I am truly woven from the same cloth as my mother; not only was she an awesome mom but she was also an amazing hair stylist. In honor of my mom, I dedicate the creation of RValentinoSalon to her. My mom-as you can see in the photo gallery (mom’s journey in life from graduating hair school to raising a family) was a true style maker in her own right. She was the “i” and the “t” in “it girl”. As a matter of fact, she did not take shit from anyone. Furthermore, My mom taught me that I can do anything in this life as long as I worked hard for it. Let alone, to not ever let anyone steal my joy or trample on the person she helped create inside of me. Mom was a true trail blazer that taught me to stay true to who I am. In the end, that has allowed me to become the best human being expressed through my art as a hair stylist.

“In search of my mother’s garden I found my own.” – Alice Walker