Behavioral Haircut ScienceBHS Defined

Welcome to R Valentino Salon! In addition to my hair styling license, I have a degree in psychology and behavioral science from the University of Houston Clearlake. This enables me to understand an individual’s styling behavioral patterns and their psychology when they select a particular look and style.

“I do not just wet the hair and cut it into unrealistic angles not conducive to the hair’s natural behavioral patterns. Certainly, I do not watch any haircutting videos of a one size fits all haircut-for example, like the tv show Friends-the Rachel haircut!”

The industry conditions stylist for quick haircuts so stylists and salon owners can profit more with assembly line mentalities. I am a realist. I trademarked my brand of cosmetology as Scandal Randall™ for developing a behavioral haircut science.

As your stylist aka hairapist, I’m here to help you create the best look for you and not just copy a look out of a magazine or Pinterest.

So, what is a Behavioral Haircut Science?

These resources are there just to give you ideas for an individual look and style. The first step in any hair service is to conduct a styling behavior analysis followed by studying the hair behavior and factor in the psychology behind a certain look. This will enable us to determine the most effective course of action when it comes to Balayage, Brazilian Blowouts, highlights/lowlights, hair extensions, haircuts for men/women/kids, or shampoo-blowdry and style.

Furthermore, I also offer advice on makeup, fashion, and fitness. Yes, a person may say this is what a stylist does already, but only to a certain education level. I am not minimizing the stylist professional, however, the majority are limited by the education of vocational training.

In contrast, I will offer an awareness through observation and overall analysis of the individual based on behavioral science and psychology. I will point out however, I am not a licensed therapist! But I do become your hairapist, aka Scandal Randall™! I then become the ‘awareness maker, bad habit breaker, to a good habit maker’! Ultimately, I am here to help you on your hair journey.

During a hairapy session…

I will help you create the best look and style based on all of the above. Most importantly, the goal is for you to be able to style your own hair and not just how a stylist does it in the salon. Emphasis added! This is the biggest complaint I have heard over the past 30 years in this profession: “I love how my stylist does it but I can never repeat it the same way!” So I will fundamentally teach a client how to style their own hair by practicing with them. You will “look good, feel good, and live in style!” Once you leave R Valentino Salon!