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What Customers Say...

Moniqua S.

Randall is the best hairdresser in Houston. He is the only one who will look after your hair and make sure it is healthy and beautiful. I found Randall after a disastrous coloring session in another Salon and he saved my hair with very little time to spare. I then went back to him and he treated my hair and found the color that I had been looking for. My hair looks beautiful, healthy and natural and everyone gives me compliments wherever I go. Randall is a true professional, he knows what he is doing and won't waste your time. In addition to that, he has great taste and can give you good tips on how to manage your hair or how to use makeup to enhance your features. Honestly, every time I go to Randall he makes me look and feel like a movie star. Thank you Randall.

Lyndsay P.

Randall is the definition of a master stylist. His knowledge is amazing and yet he is always looking to improve his craft. His work ethic is second to none and he strives to do what is the absolute best for each individual client. He's an absolute gem. I finally convinced my mom to go see him after a popular salon in Sugar Land absolutely fried her hair, and she is now a faithful client with absolutely amazing hair. Randall has amazing energy and it's impossible to leave his salon without feeling like you can take on the world. So flip your head over and have someone check for the orange ring of shame. And then book your appointment with Randall and get that shizz fixed ASAP, because there's no excuse for bad hair in Houston as long as Randall Gonzales is in town.

Rachel D.

This is a great experience. As a blonde it’s hard to find a good hairstylist... but I think I just found my new psychologist!! He uses his psychology degree and studies the behavior of your hair before styling it. It was fun and he did an awesome job!!

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For your first appointment, please read this.

Hello, thank you for choosing me, Scandal Randall, to be your stylist. At this point forward you are about to make an appointment that will not only make you feel amazing, but will change your life.

To begin with, I have a very unique way of approaching the creative process when it comes to your overall look and style I call “attitude hair” adjustment.  I apply the many psychological and behavioral science methodologies when doing hair.

The Methodology Behind the “Bitch Slap” Technique is to Be In Total Control of Herself/Himself when it comes to your overall look and style!

On that note, for our first meeting, I ask that all potential clients to please come with their hair in its most natural state (no product in the hair, however, if you need to come with the product in your hair please do). This allows me to really get a grasp on the structure of the hair, so I can achieve the look best suited for your head and face shape, bone structure, and wave patterns of the hair. And, to complete the service, of course, there will be a shampoo and style. Ultimately, giving you the best look to strut your stuff! Show off that hairitude!

Look good! Feel good! Live in style! See you soon.

❤️ Randall Valentino